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RRCMS Skinning Howto

In order to create a custom skin for your RRCMS site, it is a fairly simple matter

If you do go and create a custom skin and want to share it, please contact us and we will add it to this package.  All skins will be acknowledged by a link in the footer.

Make a backup of your index.php page and RRCMS.css - as just by chainging these 2 files you can totally change the layout of your site.

The first step before creating a skin, is to actually just create a page that has the basics on it - and can easily have a sub-navigation area and a content area on each page, then you will simply use the actual content of the page to create your skin.

You will need a CSS - and the provided CSS is a good base to start with.

Then, starting with a copy of the index.php page, modify any of the HTML parts - remembering not to change the link back to here as per the licence agreement.

Ask questions in our Forum on how to customise the template.

Once you have created your new brilliant template, then simply make a backup of the original index.php and RRCMS.css files and upload your new files - or better still, when developing the template, copy index.php to template.php and upload it to your server.  You can then point a browser to the template.php page and it will simply grab your default nav and content pages so you can see how it all looks while you are working on it.  Once you are happy with it, backup the original index.php and upload the new file as index.php

We would like to encourage anyone who uses this simple CMS to contribute back to the community A range of CSS's that use different colours etc.  Furthermore, If you are feeling particularly inclinded, we would love for you to create a skin and contribute it.