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RRCMS Config and howto

Here, you will find all of the notes on how you go about creating your own website based on the simple framework provided here.

Basically the Content of the CMS lives in files in the content directory, and the sub-navigation to the right lives in the nav directory

Both of these directores MUST have a file in them called default - the content of the default files are displayed instead of a "404" Error - and we generally recommend that the default page be your homepage and the default nav be the navigation you want on the index page.

All URL's for this CMS are in the form of http://site.com/NAV/name_of_my_favourite_page - look below for a full explanation

All other files in the nav/ directory should be in UPPERCASE - as the mod_rewrite rule in the .htaccess file is expecting only an uppercase name here -it is the /NAV/ part in the URL for your site.

The last part of the URL can contain UPPERCASE, lowercase, Numbers and the "_" Underscore character only.  Make the name descriptive of the content of your web page.

There are no ugly URL's like http://site.com/index.php?content=pagename&info=NAV with this CMS - all URLs are very seach engine friendly.  While, this CMS will actually work with the ugly URL's exactly as shown - we think you will agree that this is much better!

There is no requirement for the actual directories that the NAV and content are in to even be within the document root of your web server.  For security, is recommended that you have these directories so they are not accessable directly.