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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need A domain name?

Yes, in order to set up your Hosting Account a Domain Name is required.

Can I get a Domain Name from you?

No, we do not sell Domain Names - we use and recommend Namecheap to register your Domain Name.
We offer Basic support and assistance in setting up Nameservers for your domains when you choose Namecheap as your domain registrair.

Where do I go for help?

The first place to go for help is to the Client Area where you should log in and raise a support ticket.

Where can I find CPanel Help?

CPanel has extensive user documentation on the CPanel Wiki If after reading the CPanel documentation you still need assistance, then log into the Client Area and raise a support ticket.

How do I log into CPanel?

When you signed up we sent you an e-mail with all the login details. Go to https://your domain/cpanel then log in with the Username and Password for your account.

What support do you offer?

For our Hosting and Reseller Hosting Plans we ensure that the Server is running and assist with any configuration of your account via CPanel. Support does NOT include assistance with creating or updating your website or setting up or debugging custom scripts. We ensure that the servers and envionment are working

I need some software installed - can you help?

In this case, it all depends. If the software might be of benefit to all Users and does not pose any significant security risks we may at our descretion install it. You will need to raise a support ticket to ask.

What Plan should I choose?

If you are just starting out and building your first website, then our Starter Plan is ideal. If you already have an established website, then you will be able to check what resources you are using now and choose a plan that has sufficient Disk Space and Bandwidth Allocation for your needs.

What Happens when My account is due?

We automatically send out a reminder before your account is due. If you have set up a Payment Subscription then your payment will be processed on the due date. Remember, if you fail to make the payment by the due date your account may be suspended until payment is received.

What happens if I use all my Bandwidth for the month?

Your account will be temporarly suspended and your website will be replaced by a "suspended" page. Within your CPanel, you can see in the left hand side at a glance if you are getting close - and if you are, contact us to upgrade your account.

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